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New single: Don't Look Now

Our debut single: Don’t Look Now

"It's good to see someone not from Malton"

(a guy in Malton)



For now, ska nights are off, but we’ll be back

Next ska gig








Who knows when we’ll get to skank with you again, but we are really missing you!

In the meantime, we haven’t slacked off, we are writing our own tunes and we’ve got some belters for you.

Stay safe, and remember. Only skank where it’s safe to do so.

14 Nov, Bridlington, The Old Ship, 9:30-midnight

We livestreamed a mini gig of our own ska tunes and you can watch us here (thank you to Sound of Scarborough).


Meet Skandals

A five-piece ska band from Robin Hood’s Bay, Whitby and Scarborough, we’ve been playing high energy party ska to pubs and festivals around North Yorkshire since 2006. We mix covers of Jamaican original ska with 2 Tone classics and ska punk along with covers of lesser known (but great) recent ska tunes and some of our own songs (our first EP is coming soon). 

To book your own ska night with one of the best known and loved Scarborough bands, contact:

John, the drummer


or Facebook dm

07762 941921 (text don’t call, he never answers it)

“The best ska band in Robin Hood’s Bay”